Our Instructors


Antoni Luke-Akagi

Antoni has been teaching for 18+ years. He’s a huge fan of Plank Fitness and the attention to detail and proper movement. He’s certified through NASM, ACE, NCSF, NSCA and various other national personal and group training organizations.

Plank Fitness is…
My home away from home. It's an innovative service-oriented studio, bridging contemporary pilates and fitness together for a perfect fusion. Plank's approach to a well-rounded safe, effective and results producing workout make this a perfect place for Antoni to bring his years of experience and coaching.

My favorite plank move is…
Sliding Reverse Lunge because it’s a great workout for the lower body and integrates balance and conditioning in it.

Three words that describe my teaching style…
Focused, Safe, Effective-

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Chapman Hyatt

Chapman is super excited to be joining the Plank Fitness team as its newest instructor! Originally hailing from outside of Denver, Chapman spent his childhood in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and loves everything to do with the outdoors (except mountain lions). He loves to spend his free time hiking, cycling, running, skiing, acting, playing frisbee with his family and road tripping around the country’s best national parks.

Plank Fitness is…
A warm community dedicated to an effective and highly personalized approach to fitness. The team here at Plank are a group of consummate practitioners who find great joy in helping others become more aware of their body. During his time here Chapman’s gained a new level of appreciation for the knowledge and enthusiasm that every one of the instructors brings to their class.

My favorite plank move is…
The Hollow Rocks. It’s super intense but also kind of silly and makes you feel like you’re back in preschool again.

Three words that describe my teaching style…
Motivational, Fun, Playful

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Christina Chin (Master Instructor)

Christina’s passion for fitness started 15 years ago while she was working as a Fashion Stylist in NYC. Working out not only fueled her body, but also gave her a much needed reprieve for her mind and sprit. Although her first love is Pilates, she is a strong believer in cross training to maximize results. She received her 600+ hours Pilates certification from Core Pilates, NYC.

Plank Fitness is…
to fitness studios as 'Cheers' is too bars. Having 5 people maximum per class gives instructors the opportunity to pay extra attention to each client. It’s where "everybody knows your name" :)

My favorite plank move is…
Planks! And the many variations that come with it, whether on the mat, TRX, sliders, etc. It’s truly one of the best exercises for full body engagement and strengthening. Can’t get enough of them!

Three words that describe my teaching style…
Challenging. Form focused. Fun.

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Kelly Spitko

Kelly started her Pilates journey five years ago at Plank and is now thrilled to be coming back to the studio as a teacher. She studied for her Pilates Teacher Certification through Core Pilates NYC. Kelly is an avid runner and lover of HIIT, as well as a huge proponent of BATS—Body At Top Speed—which is why she can't wait to begin teaching Plank Tone It and Sweat, adding her own spin to the cardio aspect of class.

Plank Fitness is...
A hands-on studio where Pilates and contemporary fitness go hand in hand. With smaller class size, clients receive the attention of a private or semi-private session without the private session cost.

My favorite plank move is...
Short Spine on the reformer. Who doesn't love a good spine massage?! Not familiar with Short Spine? Come join me for a private!

Three words that describe my teaching style...
Creative, Fresh, Driven

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Megan Hill

After teaching dance for many years, Megan transitioned into the fitness industry where she has been working for the past three years. Megan's experience as a dancer has given her an innate knowledge of body movement, which has greatly aided her studies while completing the Plank Fitness instructor program. Megan holds a BFA in Dance Theatre and is excited to use all she has learned across both fields to better serve the Plank community. 

Plank Fitness is…
A safe place to better yourself. Plank's unique semi-private approach to group fitness creates a challenging atmosphere while simultaneously fostering an inclusive community of like-minded individuals.  

My favorite plank move is...
TRX deadlifts because they challenge you physically while requiring you to be fully present mentally. 

Three words that describe my teaching style…
Upbeat, Supportive, and Strong

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Shauna Hull (Master Instructor)

Shauna has been teaching at Plank for over 7 years as a certified Pilates Instructor with Pre and Post-natal Certification. She comes from a biology background and taught For 13 years in the NYC public school system. She has two kids that keep her busy. Her love of fitness, passion for anatomy and focus on form make her a perfect instructor for Plank Fitness.

Plank Fitness is…
A place to share her love of fitness! Shauna loves seeing the faces of her clients who come weekly to get their butt kicked, they inspire and challenge her to bring her A game to class! She also loves meeting new clients who are looking to have a more intimate and focused workout in their regimen!

My favorite plank move is…
A combo move of TRX lunges into deadlifts! If you have been to Shauna’s class you know She LOVES legs... you don’t have to ask her twice! This one really works toward pushing your comfort zone as well as work on balance!

Three words that describe my teaching style…
Full-body, Butt-kicking, Awesomeness

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Sky Spallone (Master Instructor)

Sky has been teaching for 7+ years, holds over 1500 hours of certification specializing in Pilates, Ishta Yoga (Integrated Science of Hatha, Tantra and Ayurveda), and pre and post-natal fitness. She is also a full spectrum Doula. Sky has been a member of the Plank family since 2013, her style of teaching is inspired by creating space for students to safely develop mental and physical connection to their bodies that they can take with them into their everyday lives.

Plank Fitness is…
A magical, character filled, Lower East Side gem. It’s a comforting, quiet space away from the buzz of the city outside that can be used to get the mind and body into alignment with personalized instruction that is tailored for each person’s body and progress. The small class sizes help to foster community and accelerate physical transformation as well. There’s such an eclectic, varied mix of people that come into the studio which I love because it contributes to the inclusive, quirky vibe that makes Plank what it is.

My favorite plank move is…
I love side lying leg work because it can be extremely challenging but feels amazing. It does a fantastic job of strengthening the gluteal muscles while increasing abdominal awareness, mobility and support in the hips.

Three words that describe my teaching style…
Open-minded, Empowering, Effective

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