SHAUNA H. (Master Instructor)

Shauna has made health and fitness an integral part of her life. She received her B.S. in Biology at SUNY Albany and later her Masters in Education at PACE University. She incorporates fitness in her everyday life by practicing dance, running, Pilates, yoga and weight training.

Through her own experiences as an athlete, Shauna became acutely aware of proper alignment and core stability. This led her to Pilates and honed her focus on flexibility, strengthening, and engaging the "powerhouse." Certified by Plank Pilates in Summer 2012, she now incorporates Pilates into all her activities and encourages her students to take Pilates off the mat as well.


SKY S. (Master Instructor)

Sky is a classically trained Pilates Instructor, Ishta Yoga Instructor, Trained Birth Doula and Professional Astrologer. She holds over 1500 hours of certifications from Core Pilates NYC and Ishta Yoga NYC and has been a member of the Plank family since 2013. Sky's style of teaching is inspired by creating space for students to safely develop mental and physical connection to their bodies that they can take with them into their everyday lives.

Sky has a wide breadth of experience working with beginner, intermediate and advanced clients looking to develop their Pilates, yoga or meditation practice, students who are working with injuries, pre/postnatal women, as well as students with weight loss, strength training and flexibility goals. In her class you can expect an awesome/ eclectic playlist, and a physically challenging full body workout that is very conscious of breath, posture and alignment.



Angela has been practicing Pilates for 14 years, so it was only natural for her to pursue Instructor training. Following along her family’s path, Angela’s Grandmother (a yoga instructor) handed her a Pilates book in her late teens, recommending Pilates as the practice most suited for her.  Now classically trained through Core Pilates NYC, Angela continues to expand her knowledge by continuing education and practice. She teaches a fluid combination of classical and contemporary methods, and has used Pilates to help improve her own posture and alignment from scoliosis, as well as strengthening after a running injury. Angela's teaching is lighthearted and fun. You may just find some deeper core engagement from laughing in one of her classes.  

“My intention is to help people move more, and feel good about themselves.”



Bianca is a dancer/choreographer from Italy. She have been dancing, staging her choreographic works in Asia, America and Europe since 1994. She earned her Pilates certification (Mat, Apparatus and Special Populations) at The Kane School in 2000 with Kelly Kane. The School has an anatomy-based approach program, going beyond choreography to explain why exercises work.

Bianca learned classic Pilates while delving deeply into biomechanics, postural imbalances and common injuries. Her teaching experience started in 1987 in Napoli, Italy where she taught dance. From 1992 to 1994 she was the director and main teacher of a dance school. In 1994 she came to NYC on scholarship at the Nikolais and Louis Dance Lab. She earned a Ballet Professional Diploma, Italy 1985. She studies anatomy with Irene Dowd since 2001 and learned Spinner and Walters' Vocalates™ method in 2014. Applying the Pilates Method to Vocal Production for singers, actors and public speakers. She teaches Dance and Pilates in NYC and around the world.



Christina sees Pilates as the bridge between fitness and living a fuller, more creative life. Born and raised in Manhattan, Christina has been a fashion stylist, a creative director for an arts publication and a bar owner in downtown Manhattan.

No matter what she was doing, she never lost sight of her passion for movement and the human form. She turned her passion into a profession by completing the 600+ hour comprehensive Pilates program at Core Pilates NYC.

Christina loves Pilates because of the mind and body connection, and the way it makes her stronger in her other cross training. Her belief is that with proper strengthening, posture and breathing, one can gain the focus and stamina to be more productive in everyday life. She hopes to inspire others the way that her instructors have inspired her.

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Jennifer's class is fun, upbeat, and challenging, and provides a deeply nourishing in body experience. With a strong focus on safety and biomechanics, you'll find deep muscle activation and slow burn exercises. Modifications are always available for beginners or those with injuries.



Detailed, patient, passionate and disciplined. Her motto: practice makes progress!

If you're looking for a multi-faceted person, Natalia is your instructor! Your practice will be interesting, unique, and ever changing. A designer originally from Spain, Natalia has a passion for all things beautiful and eye-catching, and you can expect to see this zest for life carry over into her teaching. She is patient but tough—you’ll enjoy a disciplined and challenging practice. Her favorite apparatus is the cadillac though she enjoys teaching all apparatus equally.

She is classically trained, but practices and teaches both classical and contemporary Pilates to keep things versatile. When not teaching or practicing Pilates, Natalia can be found traveling the world or exploring the world of design through her own design practice at her New York based Studio.


Salma has over 16 years of experience practicing Pilates. Teaching was a natural continuation of her Pilates journey after receiving her certification at Core Pilates NYC.

As a professional dancer and choreographer it has helped her reach her goals and surpass them, and this is what she loves helping others do. A stickler for form, she believes in fully connecting to each movement to reach maximum gain. Find your inner fire and maybe get a laugh too. She is also a MELT Method instructor, TRX and 200hr yoga certified. Live in X S.



Yung-Li Chen is a Pilates and Barre Teacher with 20 years experience as an independent choreographer and professional dancer. Health, fitness, and movement have always been a large part of Yung-Li's personality.

She holds a MFA in Choreography from the Conservatory of Dance at Purchase College, SUNY as well as certification from Exhale Spa (Barre), OM (Yoga) and Balanced Pilates. Her recent performance credits include: 2015 NY Fashion Week for Givenchy/Marina Abramovic, Kate Weare Dance Company, Jacobs Pillow, and Judson Dance Theater. Yung-Li's Barre Class is fun yet challenging, focusing on self-motivational goals of strength and alignment. Take your body and mind to the next level- you deserve it!