Pilates Anywhere

Trying to fit in your Pilates routine when your out of town?....
Need to get a quick workout in because you hit the snooze button?...

Want a Pilates body? Have a body and do THIS mini work out.

Equipment :

-hand towel



Roll hand towel length wise and grab hold of each end. You want to feel as if you could rip the towel apart.

    Start standing in parallel, feet a little wider then you hips, all ten 10 toes facing forward. Inhale and reach arms up to frame your ears as you sit back into an imaginary chair. Hold this squat position for a moment and the bottom (imaginary spreading your sitting bones away from each other) then exhale pressing through your heels to stand back to tall (imagine squeezing the sitting bones together on the way up). Keep arms framing your face the whole time all while keeping a long straight spine, focusing on knitting the front ribs closed. Keep the towel taut , collarbone wide and shoulders away from your ears. Continue for 30 seconds.
    Stand feet together, holding towel out in front of you at shoulder height. Inhale as you step right foot out to the side of you , bending the knee to a 90 degree angle. (Knee over ankle) Your left leg is straight and there is deep fold at the hips. Exhale as you press off the right foot and return the left leg. Keep arms extended out in line with your collarbone the entire time. Remember to keep both hips even as you lunge to the side and all 10 toes facing front. Spine is slightly shifted forward, remember to pull the navel to the spine and the front ribs knit together. Continue 30 seconds and then repeat with the other leg.
    Stand legs in parallel and place folded towel under right foot. Inhale as you slide right foot behind, lengthening through the right leg and bending the left leg ( knee in line with ankle ). Exhale, keeping the spine in a diagonal line , hips stay low and still, bend the right knee in line with the right hip.
    Then inhale return the leg back into the low lunge. Exhale and return the right leg back to standing position. Reminder to keep the side of the waist long. Reach left sitting bone up a bit so you can avoid sinking in the standing leg. Spine is not upright , think escalator diagonal. Continue 30 seconds and repeat on the other leg.


    Sit with a tall spine, knees bent and feet hip distance apart. Towel is folded length wise. Take a strong grip on each end keeping the towel as taut as possible to keep chest open and, hinge from the hips with a flat back. Inhale pull the navel to your spine and exhale twist your torso to the right, inhale back through center and exhale twist the torso the left. Remember to keep the back ribs full and lifted away from the pelvis and keeping the front ribs knit towards each other. Think chest proud and shoulders soft away from the ears. Aim for 6x to each side. Total 12 reps.
    Laying down, bring legs to a table top position. Knees over hips, shins parallel to the ceiling. Inhale to prep, (holding towel by each) arms towards the ceiling , Exhale to curl head, heart and shoulders off the floor and reach arms towards your shins . Stay lifted with the upper spine, and lengthen both legs out to a 45 degree angle and reach arms away to frame your face. Exhale return to folded position with legs into table top and spine lifted reaching arms back towards the shins. Repeat 10x.
    Start in a modified plank position , shoulder over wrists , knees hip width distance on the floor ankles crossed. Shoulder and hips in a diagonal line. Place folded towel underneath the right hand. Inhale, drawing navel to the spine, slide the right arm forward another palms distance and reach both elbows back toward the hips for a push up. Exhale and uncross the ankles to curl toes under into a plank position and tap right hand to left shoulder. Gently return knees to modify plank, ankles crossed with right hand under the towel and repeat the uneven pushup. Flow into these positions slowly and focus on each movement. Continue for 30seconds and repeat on other each side.